Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interracial Dating Success Stories

My significant other and I had instantaneous chemistry that began with a little wink from me. We have e-mailed, texted, dated and called each other constantly throughout the day and every day since we met on this website. I bought a six month membership and got one month free but used less than three months of the membership. Tony was only a member for less than a weekend before I winked at him. Both of us had a long list about wants as well as needs that we required in a potential mate.

The list had needs such as: a great sense of humor; willingness to meet the other partner 50% of the way, financial stable, loyal, the ability and the desire to be in a long term and committed relationship, wanting to have a family and children- you get the point the list was long. Anyway the more he and I conversed the more items became checked off the list before they were even asked. So the idea that each of us would have to settle for not getting everything on the wish list was a mute point.

Not only did we each get everything on our list, but each of us had exceeded the other person’s wish list. So we are looking forward to a long, adventurous, and happy relationship. We well post photos after we get married.
                                                                                              -CC & Tony

Thanks for asking because I story is a beautiful one. It goes like this: after going on numerous sites and not meeting the kind of men I would be interested in I thought-there must be a site for interracial dating which is what I am interested in so I googled such sites and looked at yours and chose it because of the photo of an interracial couple that looked happy-it felt right so I signed up and let the search begin. That night after signing up I said out loud as if speaking to my soul mate "where are you" the next day I had a search and remarked how handsome the men in America are- I am American but have lived in the UK for 15 years. I saw a couple of guys on the US page that I favourited thinking it was a bit of fun and not realizing that the men would see that I favoured them- well by that evening my time I got a response from Attila who lives in NYC he couldn't even read my profile because it wasn't up but he was interested remarking that he knew we were miles apart but he was interested in communicating if I was. Well I thought "why not". Well when he was able to see my profile which had uploaded it turned out he could see I am a professional singer and a student of Psychoanalysis in Uni and he shared he is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker and has written a book! Then with that knowledge we could speak the same lingo- things went stellar and because of his heritage- he is half Hungarian- he is a Hungarian citizen by descent so now he is in the final stages of applying for his citizenship which will give him EU status and the right to live and work in the UK!! And we are getting married!! In March 2012! Our connection was so strong that he booked a ticket two weeks after corresponding to verify our chemistry. Yes he flew 8 hours from New York to London! and it was a match- seeing each other
for the first time was like we knew each other forever. We are thankful to Interracial Match without the site we wouldn't have found each other! Thank You for tapping into a need for an alternative dating site! Many thank

—Rosella2001, London, United Kingdom

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